How to create an Email Account in South Africa

How to create email accounts in South Africa

An Email Service has become very pivotal to modern business communication. In 2019, every serious business needs email for selling products and services, communicating with their customers, suppliers, investors, SARS, etc.

It is thus understandable that everyone starting a business would look for a means to create an email account. There are multiple options for email creation depending on the use-case.

Email for Business

Branding is very important for a business. It is necessary to leave a good impression on potential customers and business partners. One way to give a good impression is to use an email with a handle that is that of the business.

For example, will always be better than where the fictitious name of the business is Example Pty Ltd.

How to Create a Business Email

Where your email is intended for business, it is a very good idea to pay some Rands for reliable service.

Total Time: 30 minutes

You need a domain name

The part of the email address in the example above is called a domain name. You can register a domain name with any leading ISP or web services provider. Web4Africa is leading accredited Domain Name Registrar in South Africa. You can choose domains that end with,, .com, .net etc, subject to their availability. The best idea is to use your company name and keep it short.You need to buy a domain name

You need a Hosting account or email service

Having registered your domain name, you need to tie it to an internet server somewhere that has email service. You can do this easily by buying any hosting plan from Web4Africa. We own and manage hosting servers locally in Johannesburg South Africa. All our hosting plans come with email services by default. You can include hosting at the time of buying the domain above.Buy Web Hosting & enjoy email services

Create the Email Accounts

Once your hosting service has been set up, you can log in to your hosting control panel and go to the Email section to set up your new email addresses. You simply enter the name, password and amount of space you wish to allocate to each email account. You would be able to create as many emails as you need. Web4Africa offers unlimited email accounts on each hosting plan, subject to the disk space limit on the hosting account purchased. You can access your emails from any email client like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or any of the ones on your Apple or Android smartphone.Create Email Accounts

You can get Email from Your ISP but…

Many legacy Internet Service Providers bundle email with their internet service offering. Such “free” emails typically end with the domain name of the said ISP. You would still notice emails ending with in the wild today.

The primary disadvantage with such email accounts is that they are not portable. You would most likely lose the email account should you cancel your service with the ISP and decide to move elsewhere. In essence, you are at the mercy of the ISP for as long as you actively make use of this kind of email service.

Email is very important for modern business Share on X

How to get free Email

Where your email need is not strictly business-related, you may still opt for free email services. The popular ones on the web today are:

  • Gmail
  • Live (formerly Hotmail)
  • Yahoo! Mail

The providers listed above are all American companies. Your messages would sit on servers in the USA or Europe. This is not ideal where data sensitivity is an issue.

More so, the free providers above tend to display ads in the email service and/or messages.

If You’re Not Paying For It, You Become The Product

a quote from the 1970s


The best option would always be a paid-for email, for reliability, good customer service, security, and peace-of-mind.

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